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Here is another simple design for a potential 303rd PSYOP symbol.

To see the previous Click Here!

I designed this around Oct. 2000 but never shared it until now. I realize it isn’t the most stunning design and the airborne patch is missing.

To create this “sewn” image I used a flatbed scanner to scan the patch. Then I drew the number design of 303 in Paint Shop Pro. Again, this is to show that logos can be made in a few seconds to a few weeks. Simplicity is key.

This is a concept design. I don’t know if such a design would work. I used a lightning bolt theme when drawing 303. But the goal is to design and create new themes. I share this now because I was looking at old files and looked for this one. This looks like a great design to me now decades later, for it only taking minutes to draw.

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