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Creative Mood --- Sweet Hearts --- Peaceful, Loving World --- Together We Dream

Attention Reader: You are free to print these poems and use them however you want. The only thing is that you credit this site: www.constructorscorner.com as were you got them and also send me a email and let me know someone liked the poem.


Creative Mood

So many thoughts going through my head
I’ve been up so long, way past time for bed

This is the time I like to create inventions
To make something with good intentions

They say our thoughts are reflected by what we make
What we build, paint, or create by the thoughts we chose to take

It has got to be in the morning by now
I’ve got to get this invention to work somehow

I can’t get it to work, where should I go
If Einstien was here I bet he would know

I can’t get it to work right
I just have to go to bed tonight

No I haven’t given up ; I am not done
But I am inventing things just because it is fun.



Sweet Hearts

Thoughts in my head running wild
What would I see if I could see the world like a child

Imagine how much fun that world be
Playing on the swings, just you and me

We would sit around and take all day
Our embrace would take all of our troubles away

So they say love comes from above
A place where there is no war only love

Thoughts of love so strong and so deep
In our hearts there to keep

A love so perfect to visualize
Right now I only want to look deep into your eyes

I see our love as clear as a mirrors reflection
Two hearts becoming one is complete perfection

Our love is strong yes indeed
Being with you is all that I need


Peaceful, Loving World

The story begins far away from home
I was processing thoughts that may not be my own

The mission was simple bring peace to the land
It was dangerous but we had the guidance of God’s hand

People often fight for reasons we don’t know
If they only knew how important it was to see their children grow

Our job is to get them to open their eyes and see ...
If they would work together, all the possibilities there could be

A world full of love and peace across the land
I bet the peaceful world is part of God’s plan


Together We Dream

Today always brings tomorrow’s dreams
A problem is usually not as bad as it may seem
Like the water moves across the streams
And the sunlight that hits the water with a vibrant gleam

I’ll have you dance this dance with me
Dancing and playing by the willow tree

Once a moment passes there is no turning back
Today is always before tomorrow
Time takes a straight and narrow path
Why is it when people part there is so much sorrow.

Time can’t be changed and we can’t go back
That is why we must always think before we act
We met many years ago
Through the years we had the chance to see our love grow

Let’s just let go
enjoy the moment
and let our dreams flow
We’ll walk hand in hand
I’ll go any place you want to go