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I was going to update my profile with my list of qualifications. I updated it with a list of accomplishments. But as a fellow soldier once said to me, “Judge the man and not the patches.” You see, in the Army accomplishments such as rifle qualification, jump-wings, and rank are displayed on the uniform. But it is easy to take these accomplishments and forget what makes a good soldier. It is more than a list of qualifications.

I think back to sixth grade. I got straight A’s on my report card as part of my final grades. But what doesn’t show is that I could just be mean at times. I made fun of some girls on the bus. No straight A’s fixes that. So I had qualifications with no character.

It is all part of the learning process. I learned that picking on the less fortunate is unacceptable. So these people don’t have the qualifications, but they are so used to being picked-on that they have remarkable character.

There is nothing wrong with obtaining qualifications. It is a fun process where you get to learn something new. Just make sure the qualifications are supported by character.