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Hello my name is Bobby Joe. I am the owner / designer of Constructor's Corner. On the site I go by Trurl. The name originates from Stanislaw Lem's The Cyberiad. In the book Trurl is a great "Constructor" (inventor and designer).

My interest are in designing / drawing. Even if you can't really construct it. It is still fun to think of the possiblities.

I created this site not only to share my work but to have people draw, write, design, create, and share their ideas with people of similar interests. That is why I put in the message board. But you may share whatever ideas are on your mind. Or just stop by and say hello. We can discuss anything from computers to our favorite writers and artist. Just try and be as creative as you can.

I'm not really an expert on design or writing. I just enjoy to do it for fun. That is what this web site is about. Doing things for fun and sharing ideas.

My dream was to become an engineer. (either mechanical or computer) And go around the world building things. I have attended Point Park College before transfering to the University of Pittsburgh. I only have about a semesters worth of credits.

My art background comes from time spent as a graphic illustrator in the US Army Reserves. I was a 25M (Multimedia Illustrator). Basically my job was to make the graphics for posters, newspaper adds, and leaflets.

Now I just take it day by day. I mostly work on the computer and draw. I am learning Flash and Dreamweaver. I also know Photoshop, AutoCad, and Paintshop Pro and some others.

That is enough about me. I want to know about you and what your ideas are. Now it is your turn to share your ideas.

May the creative Force be with you,



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