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The Road Ahead

This is a simple, yet thought provoking shot of an abandoned rail road trail. The lighting gives it its warm feeling. All of the sudden everything is put into perspective. At the same time everything is moving ahead.

There are many old railroad tracks like these in Pennsylvania that have been converted to trails. This picture has the track removed but hasn’t been converted into an official trail.

Also note the little sign in the middle left. It is a fiber optic cable. This trail is about knowledge. Knowledge that goes on behind the scene. While someone goes for a walk, they are clearing their mind and maybe even getting some inspiration. Just as the technology of the fiber optic cable remains unseen, the thoughts of the traveler are great yet concealed withing themselves.

Life can be compared to running down the trail. It is all about setting your pace. Like a highschool coach once told me: “Run your own race!”