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I have too pictures of Piggy Sueey when she was a piglet. Do not get her confused with Emma Sue who also has pictures on the site. Piggy Sueey was my pet until she got too big. We gave her to a family with children.

First and foremost, pigs, any pig even potbelly pigs, are not ment to be in the house. I bought a book on pigs that compared them to 2 year olds. When the pig gets quiet you can bet she is chewing funiture, books, wires, or anything she can reach. Piggy Sueey was house trained. She was also bathed, brushed, and clean. But she started to wear out funiture itching on it.

Piggy Sueey was also a guard pig. If a stranger came into the house without giving her a treat she would bite them. Sometimes she would even bite after you gave here a treat. A friend would come over. He said, "Your Dad would always make me take off me shoes before stepping on the carpet and the pig would bite my feet."

Piggy Sueey also liked the outdoors. That is when it was warm. She would route in the yard and eat bunny leaves. She would come back when she was finished. She didn't like the cold and snow.

I know pigs are cute. But be prepared before you get one as a pet.

And if you were wondering the name Piggy Sueey comes from the 1980's show "Quantum Leap". Were he tells a young man to sing Peggy Sue instead of Piggy Sueey.

Pig in Blanket