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The following is a story that I have been developing for some time. I just haven't done any serious drawing though. I do hope to someday have a completed small comic. Maybe even work with some artists. Here is a brief description of the story. I will add to it as I develop the story more. If you would like to read the story and not know any details skip the introduction.
Extraordinary Engineers or Engineer Extraordinares


A group of engineers join forces to meet a variety of adventures. The first adventure, which continues through many stories, is the battle between the engineers and a secret society called the Universal Tech Society or UTS. The UTS was formed under the guidance of President Roosevelt and his appointed scientist. It was originally formed to guide the Manhattan Project. President Roosevelt decided the society was needed after he had received a letter from a group of physicists which included Einstein.

The UTS’s job is to control the use, application, and development of all technology throughout the world. They monitor inventors, patents, universities, independent companies and anything else that is related to science and technology. They not only collect the scientific knowledge, they also regulate the knowledge. (This is part of the reason the Internet was developed by the government in the 1960's but wasn’t commercialized until the 1990's. Before the computers were not powerful enough to monitor the Internet and today they are.)

In the past the UTS keep world piece and introduced technology when the time was right, but today it has grown so vast and powerful it has broken into competing groups that all wish to gain power. It has as much resources as the United States. So much power, in fact, it could easily make any country a world leader.

There is a bad side to the UTS, but it also has its good divisions or groups within the society. In fact, one group wants to create a renaissance and unite the world and eliminate poverty.

The Engineers are lead by an engineer named Robert L. Young. Young’s research has lead him to a find of how to control light. He has found out how to not only travel at light speed, but to control light itself. For example he can turn light into a solid form and solids into light.

Young realizes the dangers if such an invention got into the wrong hands. He figures that if the invention is introduced to the right people and used in the right ways it can lead to the improvements to humanity.

This is where are story develops. Young and his scientist battling the corrupt groups of the UTS.

Opening Battle
A fierce battle is in action. The key point here is the weapons that are being used and who is attacking who. The UTS (Universal Tech Society) is attacking Young and his squad. Young's squad is suddenly being overpowered by the UTS soldiers. Both sides are using futuristic weapons. There are missiles and bullets but the are also laser and light weapons.

Young is hit
A missile explodes near Young sending him flying several meters.

Young Lands
Young lands on the ground and is momentarily not moving. He thinks back on how it all started.

Young is back lecturing to his class
The theory
"We know that light has properties of both particles and waves. But what if the molecules that you and me and everything in our world is made of could act as light on different levels? I mean what if the molecules that we consider solid could move and act as light from a different perspective. In other words what if we appear to be light relative to other molecules. This would put light at different levels and would give us the ability to turn light into solids and solids into light."

The invention
This is the invention that Young and Agostine were toying around with. It is a simple machine having electricity, magnetism, vibrations and sensors to detect if several lasers had been affected by the test. It sits in a small and cluttered area in Young's office.

White House sometime 1939
President Franklin D. Roosevelt is reading the letter that a group of Physicists have sent him. He gazes at Einstein's Signature.

Roosevelt is thinking out loud
"These scientist have inventions of bombs that could destroy an entire harbor. Anything could be next. Dangerous weapons to powerful to be in the hands of a man"

Roosevelt on the phone
In a urgent voice Roosevelt calls an unknown scientist that he has worked with before and says "I have an assignment for you."

Roosevelt still talking on the phone
"We’ll meet in person and I'll explain your duties then..."

Young is awakening
Young just looks at the ground around him. "We can't win the battle this way," he thingks.

Young yells into his radio
"Meet at rally point alpha. I repeat meet at rally point alpha."



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