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Extraordinary Engineers or Engineer Extraordinares



SitRep at Rally Point
Young lifts arches his back trying to clear his head. "Awwwh...we've got to recover the disk. It is that simple."

Complaints amongst the party
Professor Agostine says, "Robert you forget we are not soldiers. This is a group of Professors and students." "And these weapons we are using are just thrown together. We didn't even test them."

Young tries motivate his team
"I know you are tired and hurting but this is true test of your will! We can't let the information get into the wrong hands! Now lets fight."

An angered student stands up
"You say a test of will. Phil just got shot. Why did they even get the disk in the first place." He charges Young knocking him to the ground.

Young fights to stand up
Young punches the kid in the side of his stomach below his ribs. He pulls the punch using just enough force to stop his assault.

They are both standing on their feet
"If only you fought the enemy that hard," Young says. "It's all your fault. If you didn't make that stupid invention none of this would have happened! You new the dangers!," the young student yells.

Young pauses a moment to think
"This is all my fault," Young thinks. "I keep working on project “light speed” ignoring the dangers and this is the result." He takes his eyes of the angered student long enough to be hit in the head with a stick by the angered student.

Yong hit the ground with a thud
Young hits the ground and all goes black. The angered student lifts his stick again to deliver a finishing blow, but is quickly held back by the other students.

Other group members lift Young to his feet
Young is lifted to his feet. The group props his back against a tree. "I'm alright," Young yells.

Young addresses the crowd
"It's the truth," Young states. "I let the thrill of discovery go against what introducing a dangerous technology would do. But that is why I need you, all of you, to help me undo a wrong."

Young continues his speech
"I wouldn't have worked on the light theory project if I didn't think it would bring great changes to the world. And the fact is that it still can. Today we mold the future not only with our hands but with our hearts. Are we strong enough to stop those who have deviant uses for our discoveries? Forget all the scientific knowledge that is in our minds. It is the heart that controls your actions. What does your heart say?


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