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Psychological Operations or PSYOP is defined as: military actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments.1 This definition may sound technical, but the job of Psychological Operations deals with distributing information to inform, persuade, influence, or motivate. With their crest bearing the words: Persuade, Change, Influence. These operations occur both in war and peacekeeping missions. The main duty is too distribute information and interact with the area’s population. The 303rd is a reserve unit located in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a tactical PSYOP unit.



Back in 1996 when I first joined the Army Reserves, I visited the unit with my recruiter. That is when I met the Commander. The Commander, at that time, told me he wanted a symbol for the unit. And as my job as illustrator it would be my job to create it. (I was the only multimedia illustrator in the unit.) Now nearly ten years latter, I have designed a simple trademark for the 303rd PSYOP unit in Pittsburgh.

Design Notes:

The design is simple. It just takes the numbers 303 and adds a simple design. It is usually better to leave the design of a symbol simple. I have extended the design to a 3D model and also note that its design is left simple. If any more elements were added, it would just make the design harder to read and understand.

How it was Drawn:

The original design was drawn with hand tools (triangles, compass, and straight edge). Then was redrawn in AutoCad so it could be placed onto the computer. The AutoCad drawing was then imported into 3DS Max were the simple 3D design was made. The 3D symbol is basically an extension of the 2D symbol.





Click Here for 3DS Max File