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Code Name: Lightning Bug A space ship that
lands and makes first contact.

Unreal Mods: Starting a Team

Game Ideas Various game ideas for
little projects.

303rd Symbol A symbol made for 303rd Unit

Story Project An original tale of artists.

Catalyst A character design for a video game
contest that ended 20061201

Flash Dancer A rough sketch of a dancer's curves.

Constructor's Challenge A design challenge

Freehand Room Sketch A portfolio exercise

Make Shift: Solutions Improvised challenges

An image, a feeling, emotion, expression, or memory of a favorite time simply expressed by the pencil’s line. This is the art before it is seen when it is just an expression of the artist feelings or dreams.

An ideas or thought of an image of the mind that in no other way be described...
something simple begins to take shape, a story described by images and symbols not words with a meaning to each... or maybe a diagram that explains... a comic that entertains

There is infinite possibilities in a blank paper the artist makes the decisions as he adds simple shape then sculpts the details. Colors of only black and white and all shades of gray it becomes a passion, a love, a quest as the contrast of the shades create the illusion of light...

Not only can a drawing describe an invention, it is an invention... or rather an extension of the artist’s wish to add something to the world no matter how big or small... a doodle, sketch, or mural on an old small town wall. Intentions to create something so revolutionary with the dream to make us better than we are...or how we could be... Art is just as much imagination as emotion. Both equally important. We are all wondering the world with pencils waiting to touch paper. A dream that we wish that others could see.

Our lives are like a lines on a paper with endless possibility. All the artist has to do is put them in the order he wants them to, so that other people will see, the true meaning of his work and feel what the drawing makes them feel.