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This is a simple yet creative character for a character design contest at . The contest was to create a monster with attacks that could possibly be placed into the game: “Monster Madness” which will be released 1st quarter 2007.

Admittedly my idea is better than my drawing. The contest called for a picture and a description of only 250 words. If I would have had more time or the opportunity to team with a talented artist, the concept would be of higher quality. My drawing didn’t look to bad. Then I colored it with pencils and it came out looking like a kid drew it.

Anyway let me know your opinions and fell free to draw the character “Catalyst” and see if the results complement the entire project.


Catalyst - (Caterpillar + Chemical/Genetic Reaction)


“Catalyst” an enormous caterpillar was formed by a young, mad scientist experimenting on insects in his parent’s basement. These experiments were both of chemical and genetic in nature. “Catalyst” was created with his genes of bamboo plant. This was done to help created opposable hands and arms.


Catalyst attitude is quite playful. Though his attitude is playful, it conceals his true dangerous nature. His real motivation is not known. Perhaps he is looking to turn into a butterfly. Something he apparently lost the ability to do. Perhaps he acts for revenge upon the scientist who created him. Whatever the reason, it appears as though he has chosen the monster’s side.


1. Catalyst has 2 sets of 4 bamboo-like jointed legs. He not only can steal weapons from players or take unused weapons from the ground, but he has the ability with his opposable hands to use the weapons!

2. In addition to the 8 jointed, bamboo legs, Catalyst has regular caterpillar legs. As a defense he can roll in a ball. If he extends his jointed legs out he can clothesline enemies. He also has hairs on his back he can shoot and release.

3 Not only is he fast when moving in a ball, it is the strategy and not the force. Strategy represents his ability to coordinate attacks and movements with other monsters. These strategies can be used to capture and contain the players.

4. If he is destroyed and exploded by some type of missile, Catalyst explodes violently releasing a poisonous slime as some caterpillars do.


Admittedly a character like this is complex and could be hard to design into a game. However Catalyst could be scaled down to fit the needs of any monster game.