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Game Idea: Torque game (Torque is a 3D game engine) that has a 3D battle environment. As teams work against each other to capture “points.” But to capture the objective they must answer a series of questions or solve some sort of puzzle to capture objectives. The level of difficulty will increase with the points importance. The level design would use both 1st and 3rd person perspective. The weapons could be: paint ball guns, stink bombs, water balloons, etc. The game must have a console that allows moderators who are in control of the game to insert questions and answers. The game can be networked just like other games and have multiple teams competing. (Imagine introducing this game to a classroom of students. It would bring a lot of excitement towards learning.) The scoring system will be based on how many objectives captured and how many questions answered correctly. The game must feature the option to be easily to mod. That way boards can be fit to the players. Now is the game is just an idea. And the most difficult problem would be the programming. It would be difficult to build and console that lets users program in and answer questions. But it would be a fun project to attempt.