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It all started around the late 50's soon to be 60's. There was a sudden bright flash in the night sky. The guards on the post just thought it was lightning. But as one guard on foot patrol was going to find out the light came from something that he never seen before.
He saw it but could not believe it. It looked like a giant insect. He yelled to alert the other guards and soon all the guards were surrounding it. It was a aircraft alright. But it was unlike anything they had seen before. It had to be from space.
The base is the newly formed Area 51. They have experimental ships there, but nothing like this. Had aliens made first contact and why did they land at a this base of all places?
The soldiers locked and loaded there weapons. The officer in charge told them to wait for any hostile behavior. “I’m not even sure our weapons will stop them,” he thought.
They radioed back to command for further instructions. Command sent for some of scientist that had been working late on their projects.
The scientists rushed to the site and began to yell for the troops to hold their fire. “They must come in peace,” one of the scientist said. “Or they would have destroyed this base from the sky.” The lieutenant told his men to drop their weapons, but this didn’t ease his fear any.
“We can’t shoot at our first contact,” one of the scientist said. We need a way to communicate with them.”
“Here,” another scientist said. “I will approach the ship. Shine a light from the ship to me.”
The brave young scientist approached the ship with the curiosity of a child. The lieutenant signal to his men to fire if anything happened. The light was then shined.
There was a sound of the ship’s chamber decompressing. This was an intense moment for everyone. But the unexpected happened.
A humanoid form that appeared to be a long haired man stepped out holding a large sign above his head.
“What does it mean?” The Lt. ask one of the scientists.
“It is the infinity sign,” he replied. “It must represent a symbol of peace to his culture.”
The humanoid was wearing some sort of breathing device. But he soon approached the scientist that was in the light. He opened his arms a gave the scientist a big hug.
At this point everyone relaxed and sighed a sound of relief. Now it could be seen that the alien was holding two signs. He handed one of them to the scientist and it began to play a movie. The scientist called for the other to form a crowd around them.
The movie played and it showed images of a peaceful world forced into a war to defend itself. It showed ships similar to the one that just landed battling. The alien then pointed at his ship.
The night ended and the ship was moved and hidden from sight before daylight. The alien stayed at his ship with possibly other alien crew.
The scientists were given the tablet to read. It described the number system and further explained the alien’s situation. But one thing in particular that sparked the scientists’ minds is that the aliens used curves to communicate secret messages or messages of strong emotion. The infinity symbol being on of the most import signs of friendship and commitment.
Over the following months it was reviled what the aliens had come here for. They were willing to trade technological knowledge in exchange for repairs of the ship and aid by the base. This is why they intentionally landed at this base. It had the best equipment and supplies needed for their mission. Not at all the invasion that the guards first suspected. The incident was code named “Lightning Bug.”

And this is where the story begins.