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9MB First Scene Download (right click--"save target as") This the project finished so far
2MB Gif File Fast Download (right click--"save target as") For those with slow connections
This is a story project I started mid-2003 and never finished. A may go back and finish it eventually but I could use some feedback and/or help. I’ve included the entire story so that you may read it and understand the unfinished story.

The first part of the story will make sense. Unfortunately it is 9 Mb. I have included a 2Mb gif file for those who have slow downloads. However the large file contains the narration.

You may be wondering why a Flash movie is so large after all isn’t it supposed to be vectors? The answer is that at that time I was learning all the software programs and as a result the drawing and efficiency are not as good as they could be. However that does not change the story. I have improved in basic drawing and computer know-how. If I do decide to finish the story the second scenes will be totally done in Flash instead of the raster graphics made in Photoshop.

Why have I waited so long to go back to this project? I just want to finish it because it is a good story and gives someone the opportunity to learn and improve their skills. I will post editable content if someone requests. But for now just enjoy the introduction.



There once was an artist that was very talented, but whose art never got recognized. He tried his hardest but no one saw the beauty of his work. So he became an elementary art teacher to support himself while still doing the work that he loved. One day he paints a picture and asks a fellow teacher of the second grade class how it looks so far before it is complete. The second grade teacher tries to be nice, but he can tell by her reaction that she does not like the painting.”

So after this disappointment the artist is upset and throws away his work in the class room’s garbage. Later, he tells the class to gather their paint supplies and start painting a scene on the paper. While this is going on a young student sees that something is sticking out of the garbage. He finds the artist’s art work and pulls it out of the garbage. To the student it looks like and awesome scene of a castle and sky. He then starts to paint it instead of his paper. He adds watercolors to the sky creating beautiful clouds and a rainbow color of light in the sky. He then finishes the castle and adds some make believe characters. To finish, he adds a dragon.

Well the teacher is busy collecting the artwork and notices the boy who took the work out of the garbage is still painting. “To be concentrating that much he must have really took pride in his project,” the teacher thinks. As the teacher views his artwork he sees something that truly came straight from a creative imagination. He sees the sky, the people, and the dragon in from of the castle. He doesn’t even recognize it as having some of his own work. He is so inspired that he asks if he can keep the painting a while in order to display it.

The teacher then asks were he got the idea for the painting. The student then tells him that he pulled it out of the trash can before it got ruined. The student tells him that it just made him see so many cool things and he didn’t want it to be thrown away.

This causes the teacher to look at the painting again and beneath all the shapes is some of his work that he had thrown away. He became so happy that his work had inspired another person to create. All of this after he had almost thrown it away. Someone had seen all of these great things in his work. A child had seen the great things in the painting. After all aren’t children the most creative and talented artists.

All of this caused the teacher to look at his work in a different way. He knew that to him it was good even if other people didn’t see the same thing. You just need to look for that special thing that makes your painting extraordinary. And shouldn’t we look at people the same as we do art. The teacher learned that just because you don’t see the whole picture doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It just takes time to develop. Think as your work as film that needs to be developed into prints or a painting finished by an “true artist”.

-looking through child’s eyes
-never giving up
-not judging people – looking for what makes someone special
-art as seen by a true artist