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There are many games to modify and design levels and characters. But I think one of the easiest and most powerful is the Unreal Engine. This combined with easy to follow tutorials and message boards to share information make Unreal a great choice for modding.

But be advised that the game is based on battle and fighting and contains violence!

The level and character design is more about art and architecture and would probably be rated T for teen for the fact that we are designing battlefields.

Now I explain the project. I want to build a mod using UnrealEd. UnrealEd comes packaged with the Unreal Tournament 2004 game. You will need the game to play and edit levels. I recommend that you buy the DVD edition or the Collectors Edition because it comes with hours of tutorials of how to construct your mod.

But I want to use my website to share the models and levels I design. And maybe as I learn more start a group or team to work on Unreal Mods. We could communicate via email and the message board. So if any viewers of this website want to work on game design and mods leave a post on the message board. Beginners are welcome. I am a newbie to game design myself.

I do have some ideas for some game modification but at this time lack the computer knowledge to complete them.

Here they are :

*dive: A player could escape a hit while diving to the floor or diving behind cover.

Other maneuvers like low crawl and rolling could be made. These features are already exist in some games. But would it add more strategy to the game if they were included?

*I would like to see a “General Mode.” A player who is on the team put doesn’t battle much. Instead, his job is to conduct or lead the battle. This would add a greater strategy. There is already a mode that allow the user to view players or spectate. Combine that with a map of the action, and you have a new aspect to the game. The only drawback would be the programming knowledge needed to create this interface. (And no my programming skills are not at that level.)

These are just some ideas to start with. I need to know your ideas. So post them on the message board.

Here is one of the best links for Unreal tutorials that I’ve seen so far:

So I will start by designing levels and architecture and try to complete some 3d models. And if enough people show interest, we will take it from there. Maybe even forming a team that works together on a mod.