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It is a well known fact that the heaters that come with MREs (meals ready to eat (army food)) can be used to create a small explosion. Put the solid chemical that is in the heater add some water and put it in a plastic pop bottle. Add a third of the bottle full of water then put the cap on. Set the bottle away from you and wait a few minutes for the bottle to explode.

It is a small explosion caused by the pressure of the heated air inside the bottle. Still the basic principles of an explosion is there. The chemical reaction, pressure, heat, and burst of energy released are all present. The bottle expands until it burst at its weakest point. It is interesting to watch.

Explosions can be dangerous. Alfred Noble the maker of dynamite saw the dangers of his invention. He created the “Noble Peace Prize” as to not be remembered as the creator of dynamite is a theory based on conclusions by historians.

There is a complete science related to explosions. There is a division known as “Explosive Engineering.” This branch is not only concerned with the effects of explosions but what caused the reaction. Explosives are not to be played with. There is a great energy released with explosives, but containing it is challenging.

But my opinion on explosives is that they have practical uses in science, mining, construction, and demolition of buildings, but this is greatly overshadowed by there military use. The only fact that people would agree on the use of explosions is to destroy a meteor heading towards Earth. Think of how Alfred Noble felt after he saw his invention latter in his life. The use of explosives is a great moral issue. But here, on this site, we are only studying explosives from a scientific viewpoint and are well aware of the dangers explosives can present.

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