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Trurl's Math --- First Math PDF Hunches Math Section
Prime Number Work Part 0001  
Prime Number Work Part 0002  
Trurl's Math 2 Second Math PDF  
Trigonometric Parabola Part0001 PDF  
Trigonometric Parabola Part0002 PDF  
Trigonometric Parabola Worked Example  
Trigonometric Parabola Simplified XPS file  
Trigonometric Parabola Simplified PDF  
Trigonometric Parabola Verified Not a PDF just temporary ideas
Trig Parabola Conclusion (Relationship) Most Important Work
LScosine.pdf New applications for Scsoine and Ssine
LScosine.xps same file different format
LScosine Raw Data PDF file preliminary data
Trig Parabola Conclusion The work is over. Was anything produced?
Vector Division A basic theory before the math work
Astroid vs Ellipse A geometric observation
Shape of the Universe Essay


Curtis Blanco's

Honors Coordinate Geometry Book PDF version 11 Mar 2012

Curtis Blanco's Story Page

view story before download here


Curtis Blanco's

Honors Trigonometry Book 10 Mar 2012

Trigonometry PDF


Project Description
Area of Doorway  
Isosceles Triangles  
Scosine and Ssine  
Unknown Curves  
Extraordinary Ellipse  
Cell Tower  
Mixture Problem  
Unsolved Billiard Ball Problem  
Circle Gets a Square  
Parabola Key to Circle  
Circular Switch  



Linear Parabola  
Chord Inverse  
Chord Application  
Chord Summarized Explanation  
Chord vs Circular Function  
Involute vs Logarithmic Spiral  
Parabola vs Exponent  
Video Game Curves  
Sonar Coordinates  
Hunches of Primes  
Quadratic Equation Alternative  
Spiral Prime Numbers  
Prime Number Theory  
Prime Solution  
Prime Code  
Prime Code in Progress  
Prime Code in Progress 002  
Prime Summary  
Minute Math 0001 Solving Series  
Minute Math 0002 Parabola Relationship  
Spiral Encryption: Prime Number Equation  
Function Finder  
Hunches Section 0002  
Prime Numbers Undiscovered  
Spiral Success  
Log Spiral Test  
Derivative Rules  
Prime Requirements  
Corrected Solution Primes  
Prime Summation  
Primes Rediscovered  
Hunches Section 0003 Other Constructors  
OC Geometric Arithmetic  
OC Equilateral Triangle  
OC Ladder Circles  
OC Mirrored Ladder  
OC Inverse of the Circle  
OC Circle vs Vectors  
OC Parabola Mirrored  
OC 2 Point Parabola  
Hunches Section 0004  
Periodic Function vs Log Spiral --- Essay  
Dice vs Encryption --- Essay  
Problems in Dynamics---Intro  
Logarithmic Spiral vs Slide Rule  
Hunches Section 0005  
Spherical Trigonometry Improvised Just a Brainstorm Session
Spherical Trigonometry Proof  
Prime Apex  
Trigonometric Parabola  
Trigonometric Parabola Verified  
Hunches Section 0006  
On Circle abx Define y a different way of looking at circle
Special Vector Division  
Game Interaction An essay on what makes a great game
Marathon Game Theory An essay on race strategy
Linear Vector Multiply  
Dynamics Function  
Arched Rectangle rectangle solves all
Arched Rectangle Continued 002 A simple picture of the concept
Rectangular Ideas An essay on future updates
Do Nothing Machine It does something
Logarithmic Orbit Finder A unusual look at a logarithmic spiral
Prime Number RSA Crack a pattern of Prime numbers in a PDF
A Continuation of RSA Crack an equation of y ; x still unknown
Prime Substitution Continued  
RSA 2 Lane Street  
Math Stories  
Creative Math an essay on English, math, and art
Simply_Unified a fictional short story about Einstein
Noteworthy Solutions  
Linear Algebra Final  
True Crypto  
Elliptic Curve Hypothesus  
New Oneway Function PDF pdf of new crypto method
RSA Message Board  
Trurl's Challenge Code message to Crack
Prime Product Flyer  
Second Prime Product Flyer  
Prime Revolutions Newest N vs. P Trigonometric Approach
Prime Switch

An electro-mechanical machine to encrypt

Math Problem Survey Feedback for Math Write-ups
Web Desemination of RSA Mathematical Attack  
SFN Currrent Page01  
SFN Current Page 02  
SFN Current Page 03