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Einstein was right in his simple quotes. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” As simple and profound as it is, it is correct when interpreted right. Because invention is a mixture of imagination and knowledge. At first glance Einstein ideas seemed so wrong, but his ideas were not lost, because people began to understand the mind that this man had. It makes one wonder how many great ideas go by without anyone understanding just why, what these ideas mean. They are often disguised in what they truly mean with man fixed on how the ways things seem... Stuck in beliefs and closed eyes... can they not realize there is more than what they know.

But knowledge doesn’t change by itself. Imagination is the key. However things are not limited by what we see or think. There is always something there to learn. However amazing the process is, it doesn’t have to be a mysterious thing. Great ideas are there to be sorted in one’s mind. The question is will you recognized them or will you be blind... to great things you did see the importance of and all they were intended to be?

--- It's All about Ideas!

young Einstein