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Wave Processor

Imagine how an electronic brain would function. For it to function like a human mind it would have to have special input or senses. By senses I mean seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touch. Also senses that humans don’t have like “seeing” heat and electrons and detecting magnetism.

But how could thoughts be created. Today’s computers use logic. They use computer code and processors with transistors. As noted in Encarta Encyclopedia: "Standard CPUs contain processing units that interpret and implement software instructions, perform calculations and comparisons, make logical decisions (determining if a statement is true or false based on the rules of Boolean algebra), temporarily store information for use by another of the CPU’s processing units, keep track of the current step in the execution of the program, and allow the CPU to communicate with the rest of the computer."

So as you can see from the previous sentence that computers work with logic. Simply described by using a transistor that switches on and off. So very complex programming language can be used on today’s computers, but they are still using the same logic principle. If you want a faster processor you must add more transistors.

But what if we were given the task of making the computer “think” like we do. This means that they not only need to process information logically, but need to use the information and be able to draw conclusions and create new thoughts from the information that is given. We don’t fully understand how we think or how our minds work. Even though we think constantly, we are unaware of how our minds are actually working.

So how do we go about building a “thinking mind?” Why don’t we start with the method that all circuits are based on. Yes that is it: electricity. But haven’t circuits always relied on electricity? Yes, that is true. But maybe along the way of designing more and more, smaller and smaller transistors something was missed. We have to find a new way to program logically thinking machines. But is there any other logic that will work? There must be because you are using it right now to read this page.

How about using the electrical wave and transforming it to be read by the computer. More information can be stored on a wave than by binary code. I don’t know exactly to implement this. It is yet to be discovered. But imagine the power of using a wave. There is an infinite number of wave possibilities. You remember them from math. Remember the sine wave for electricity Remember all the possibilities of its shape. You could shift it by adding a number and increase and decrease the shape by multiplying or dividing the x value. If we could take a wave an assign a value to its shape and statistics or values we would have a very powerful processor. And imagine this power when multiple waves are processed at once.

For example, you have a spider robot. You attach a sensor to his legs that gives an electronic wave back to the processor (our special wave processor) that depends on the leg’s position. It tells the distance from the point of contact and how much the leg is bent. You also have waves for each of the other 7 legs and a series of waves that compare how all the legs are functioning together. So now you program the spider robot to walk based on what the wave data showed you. You describe the motion of the spider some how by the data you collect from the waves. (This is the hard part. It is the part that needs to be discovered.) Now you have a robot that can walk on his own. It would be impossible to program in the factors of walking. Just think of all the factors: keeping a balance, walking in different directions, different terrains, etc. But with a wave sensor and use of current programming, a walking robot can be constructed.

The wave logic has a high potential for allowing powerful circuits to be built. It creates circuits and logic that can’t be built with today’s circuits. Today circuits are a reliable technology and will probably be used way in to the future. But if there was an alternative think of the things that could be built. We could use existing processor and connect them and expand them with wave sensors and processors.


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