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We are trying to discover a series of Primes by a pattern on a parabola. Previous attempts used equations set equal to each other and values substituted in to for a polynomial equation of a parabola. This attempt is to “map” the segment from the apex to a point along the parabola that occurs every Pi radians along the exact arc length of the parabola itself.

The difficultly is the given. We are given the Prime number and the distance along the surface of the parabola in which a Prime number corresponds to Pi radians. The angle of the segment from the apex to Pi radians is unknown. The equation of the parabola; the focus, and apex are unknown. It sounds like an impossible problem but the solution relies on simple trigonometry.


The solution relies on a right triangle drawn connecting the apex to the given length of the hypotenuse where the hypotenuse is a known Prime number.


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