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Here is a collection of message board posts where I put my ideas of RSA.

I chose to use the message boards because nothing of the ideas is proven. Instead of using Constructors Corner, I posted here to get more feedback and hopefully have an end result that is more of collection ideas that should be read together.

Here are message board posts I made. They are in PDF format and most of the links on the pages are intact. Some of the code is cut off. Feel free to visit the original site and work on this problem.

3 Pages Attacks on RSA

page 01
page 02
page 03


1 Page of Salt Water Tank Solved by Vector

page 01


Generating a List of Irrational Numbers

page 01


New One-Way Function: Which is the most important! Trying to solve N.

page 01
page 02


Equations of Prime numbers and Mathematica