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The problems 4 and 5 come from a University of Phoenix Online “take-home” test. I completed this test in July 2011. I do not want to encourage anyone using this and only released it because it is years in the past. I only include 4 and 5 because I think there exists a significant step in the prof of those problems. I proved 4 then used that proof to explain 5.

Again I want to not that copying these answers to the test is fruitless. I did not receive a good grade on this test. I just want these answers to 4 and 5 because at the time of the test I saw something and thought it made sense to be creative with the prof. Sometimes it makes sense to just keep the problems simple. I thought I had a decent understanding of the material, but my grade proved me wrong. So now I challenge you to help me justify my reasoning behind 4 and 5.



Problems 4 and 5


Download the file and look at 4 and 5 of the XPS document here.