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This is the first podcast on . It is not perfect. The seen is myself speaking for about 5 minutes. That is to show that in just 5 minutes a lot of math can be done. What is learned can be thought of the entire day. You will learn something or find something new in just a short time. It is good for all math levels.

In art, all one needs is tools. A pencil and paper are enough to create some great things.
In math, theories and equations are the tools. You can do a lot while only knowing a little.

There are some areas to improve in the first video. First the board can be difficult to read due to filming. Also, this is a way for me to improve my teaching skills. Play the video to see the very first installment of “Minute Math.”

Notes for video:


I will be adding more content to support this work soon. However do not wait and test the theory for yourself.

May the Creative Force be with You!