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Note in video I say 1.5 Pi instead of what I meant 3 Pi.


This section of minute math is just to give more foundation to the logarithmic spiral and show the relationships along the graph of the parabola.

We are measuring the absolute value of the graph and not the x and y values. And in doing so we note the simple fact that each prime number occurs and a distance of Pi increments from zero.

This is hard to determine mathematically, but it can easily be done graphically. The challenge is to find a mathematic way to describe the absolute (actual) length of a line on a curve.

The logarithmic spiral length and its values are the key to find this!


So we still need to find a better find values on a logarithmic spiral. However we had already made progress in that direction.

I will be adding more content to support this work soon. However do not wait and test the theory for yourself.

May the Creative Force be with You!