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The following math problem is a simple discovery I made when trying to find the radius when you only know the change in the sine or cosine. It comes from a problem I was working on in my trigonometry class at Point Park College. Since that time I have spent some of my free time solving the problem. I never saw this solution in any trig reference that I have come across. So to the extent of my knowledge it is original. I am still trying to find applications for this solution.

I have found that this new segment that is created forms a rectangle with two sides being the length of the radius (if taken from the cos = 1 or sin = 1). If the perpendicular is taken from cos0 and the second angle is 45 degrees then a square is formed with all for sides equal to the radius. I will explain more over the next pages.

But I hope you enjoy this math theorem I made up. Check it for any errors and contribute to any new discoveries or applications. I know the equation is complex. I tested it with sample values and it appears to work every time. If you have any questions just post a messege on the message board or contact me through email.


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