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Contest 0001-20060501-20060731

The contest is to come up with an application of any of the math solutions/theory featured on the Constructor’s Corner website. Click Here to view those math problems. The goal is to add to or find the best use of the problem. Or if you choose to put the problem into art form. Read on to find out more.

The contest explained :

The goal or purpose of the contest is to take one of the math theory/problems on this site and add to, find a use or application and express your ideas in writing and equations.

But math and art do have a relationship. Think of Leonardo Da Vinci both a scientist and an artist. Also through the Renaissance where churches were painted and portraits were based on triangles and some even have matrices engraved, such as Melancholia I by German artist and amateur mathematician Albrecht Durer (1). In modern times textbooks are files with graphics that explain or show the idea or are in someway symbolic. On the cover of the textbook “Calculus and Contests” by James Stewart there are 4 electric violins each in the form of the integral sign. Not only does Stewart have a passion for the violin and math, but the 4 violins represent 4 ways of looking at a problem.

So that is why there is also now an art portion. Express any math problem on this site in an artistic way. Preferably one that could be expressed on a website.

So there is the goals of the contest:
1. add to, change, are find a great application of the math theory and problems.


2. draw, paint, or use computer graphics to express a math problem or symbolize it in some way.


Email entries to with the subject “CC contest0001"


Grading is still being figured out. Math work and Art Work will be graded separately each having 2 prizes. The Grand Prize being a $50 gift certificate to Amazon. And 1st prize being a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.

The rules:
1. Must be original entry entered between by the contest deadline
of 12:00 AM August 1, 2006

2. Information must be below 2 Mb file size.

3. Author is credited for work but gives permission for use on and

Send entries to with the subject of "CC contest0001"

*note updates with new and changing information will be added soon

*references: 1. “Learning Matlab6.5" page 4-2




Previous Challenges:

Here is Constructor’s Challenge. There will be drawing exercises and maybe even some design problems.

This is just a start, so everything will be kept simple.

Challenge 20060101

This exercise is to draw a political cartoon. The caption reads, “I didn’t take her money... It was the one armed bandit.” This is taken from the movie “The Fugitive” and is also a reference to all the new casinos that want to open in many states.

This is hard to draw. (I’ve sketched a little.) But if you want you can share you drawing on the message board or email me at: . Have fun and check back for more design challenges.