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Math Explained

In math we take complex ideas and works straight from life and use a logical method to explain them. We take something and define how it moves by assigning it a rhythm and giving order and constructing a blueprint of it. We want to explain how it works and why. We want to build upon what we have learned and marvel at its design, or use the knowledge that we got and use it to build something new or improve our way of life.

For the you, mathematician the person working on the problem, it is a list of logic or variables. You see the formulas as being a code that can be rearrange to form patterns, series, or matrices. You see something that can simulated thinking and turn it into the code that a computers processes. You are a musician creating a song with different rhythms, notes, and keys to create new songs and conduct an orchestra of variables and values. You are an artist sculpting the numbers and equations like clay. Describing spheres, triangle, circles and 3D shapes with geometry, you, the mathematician, make diagrams and functions to replicate life or describe an application for the mathematical theories.

The solving or discovering is addictive. You solve for this and you get this answer. Or wait, is that theory proven and does this answer check? You are the mathematician and you are in control. You know that the theory is right and you are going to prove it. You change the variables a little and you get something totally different. Then after all your hard work you’ve got it. But then your not done. There are more problems to solve and theories to form. But that is ok, that is half the fun. You can take a break and save the discovery for another day.


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