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Little Discoveries

One of the hard parts of making a discovery (sometimes big ones, but most of the time small ones) is finding out what field or problem to concentrate your efforts on. This is common sense since something that is newly discovered is “hidden” in the ideas and experiences of the inventor. If it was easy it would already be discovered. Once you are aware of the idea you see the simplicity and creative genius that went into the design. You may wonder to yourself why you didn’t think of that before.

So doesn’t it make sense that you could solve that simple problem if you were experimenting and designing with the right ideas. Or by accidently tinkering with some gadget. We use hundreds of gadgets every day but we don’t take the time to figure out how they work or how we could approve upon them.

If we are going to make discoveries, even the little ones such as fixing a gadget, designing a level mod for a game, or solving a math problem, or even those every day problems with cars, tools, appliances, office supplies, or computer programming, we are going to have approach problems in a different way. We are going to have to look for problems. We are going to have to study subjects that relate to the problems we are working on. We are going to have to use are imaginations in a new way and us it to think through problems.

A lot of times this seems like a lot of hard work and a lot of effort. And it is, especially when you design for you job or school. But even though there is a lot of hard work to be done, don’t forget that find new things and using your knowledge and imagination are fun. And it is very rewarding once you make that discovery. Look at children for example. They play and tinker with everything. Who makes more discoveries than children? Who is more creative in art, imagination, and making imaginary friends? You can still have fun working on your inventions and discoveries. In fact in most cases it probably should be kept fun.

So where do you get ideas? It starts in your mind. The things you see to the things you use and see. You can look at the research other people are working on and you can share your ideas with others. That is where the Internet comes in. You already know the power it has in sharing ideas. Share you invention ideas. Share you art and stories. And when you see a problem try to work it through in your mind.

And remember to share ideas right here on the message board of Constructors Corner!


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