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Well I have spent months trying to prove that the Prime number series can be solved by relating it to a logarithmic spiral with no great success. Sure I have had many good ideas and theories. However it has just left me wondering if the “boxed” logarithmic spiral is in fact a logarithmic spiral. And if it is, how do I solve for the values of the logarithmic spiral.

What kind of good ideas you ask? How about this:

Every logarithmic spiral has an involute that will intersect its values. Though sometimes
difficult, if we could find this involute we could set the log spiral equation, equal to the known equation of the involute.

When using the boxed method to draw an involute, the “framework” or lines that make up the box are square. Which we know every box occurs at a 45 degree angle. Perhaps the difference between the known involute square and the rectangular shape of the logarithmic spiral can lead to a pattern that explains the log spiral.

That is pretty good, but there is the question of if it works. There are so many factors and variables to the log spiral it is very difficult to solve.

That is only the beginning of my efforts and work. If you would like to see more of my theories on this Website, “Constructor’s Corner”, email me at and I will be happy to share more of my work, although the work so far has failed to solve Prime numbers. However, remember that this work may be useful for other numerical series. I’m thinking of creating a spot on the Website for my math journal ideas that are just ideas and not explored completely.

May the Creative Force be with You


Hopefully it is clear what is being attempted to be solved here. I will post updates to better explain and hopefully solve this problem. This is a good group project. If you have read this and want to work on a problem email: . Also more math can be found in the math_hunches section of Constructor’s Corner.