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Download Prime Number Work Part 1 Here! Complete PDF

Download Prime Number Work Part 2 Here! Complete PDF

Hunches Just a Hunch---Group Projects Temporary Hunches
Linear Parabola Video_Game_Curves Chord Application
  Sonar_Coordinates Chord Inverse
  Quadratic Equation Alternative Chord Summarized Explanation
  Spiral Prime Numbers --- New Chord vs Circular Function
  Prime Number Theory --- Important Involute vs Logarithmic Spiral
  Prime# Solution --- Extremely Important Circle vs Parabola Proportions
  Prime Code --- New Parabola vs Exponent
  Prime Code in Progress  
  Prime Code in Progress 002  
  Prime Summary  
  Minute Math 0001 Solving Series  
  Minute Math 0002 Parabola Relationship  
  Spiral Encryption: Prime Number Equation  
  Function Finder


Hunches Section 0002---New Jornal Entries---New  
Prime Numbers Undiscovered Spiral_Success  
Log Spiral Test    
Derivative Rules    
Prime Requirements    
Corrected Solution Primes    
Prime Summation    
Primes Rediscovered    


Hunches Section 0003---New Jornal Entries---New  
OC Geometric Arithmetic  
OC Equilateral Triangles    
OC Ladder Circles    
OC Mirrored Ladder    
OC Inverse of the Circle    
OC Circle vs Vectors    
OC Parabola Mirrored    
OC 2 Point Parabola    
Huches Section 0004    
Periodic Function vs Log Spiral    
Dice vs Encryption    
Problems in Dynamics    
Log Spiral vs Slide Rule    
Hunches Section 0005    
Spherical Trigonometry    
Spherical Trigonometry Proof    
Prime Apex    
Trigonometric Parabola    
Trigonometric Parabola Verified    
Trig Parabola Conclusion IMPORTANT  
LScosine Raw Data PDF    
Trig Parabola Final Word    
Vector Division    
Astroid vs Ellipse    
Shape of the Universe Essay  
On Circle abx Define y looking at a circle's equation differently  
Special Vector Division    
Game Interaction    
Marathon Game Theory    
Linear Vector Multiply    
Dynamics Function    
Arched Rectangle diagonal of rectangle solves all  
Arched Rectangle Cont. A simple picture of the concept  
Rectangular Ideas A preview of upcomming updates  
Do Nothing Machine    
Logarithmic Orbit Finder    

Math Stories


Creative Math English, math, and art related  
Simply Unified Einstein vs the Third Reich  
Prime Number RSA Crack a PDF on Prime Patterns  
RSA Continued    
Prime Subsitution Cont.    
RSA 2 Way Street    

Noteworthy Problems


Linear Algebra Final    
True Crypto    
Elliptic Curve Hypothesus    
New Oneway Function A PDF ofo new idea.  
RSA Messages    
Trurl's Challenge RSA code to Crack  
Prime Product Flyer    
Second Prime Product    
Prime Revolutions Newest N vs. P work  
Prime Switch An electro-mechanical machine  
Constructor's Survey a math survey about the work posted here  


“I like a math problem that doesn’t have an answer. You answer it with your own thoughts and style. And if anyone questions you they have to Prove you wrong.”