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The following are dynamics problems taken from “Applied Mechanics For Engineering Technology” 5th edition, Keith M. Walker

These 2 problems are one’s that I had a difficult time understanding. One is on relative motion and the other uses the instant center rotation. I have reviewed these problems because they always gave me difficulty. Over several updates to this website (Constructors Corner), I hope to explain to others why I could never solve them. And maybe even try something new with them.

I know the following images are difficult to see due to the fact I used a scanner to scan the notebook pages. But I intend to write out the correct solutions to these problems in a clearly seen format.

Keep in mind, this is only a preview of the work.


Problem 1:






Problem 2, Instant Center of Rotation:







But until then...


May the Creative Force be with You


Hopefully it is clear what is being attempted to be solved here. I will post updates to better explain and hopefully solve this problem. This is a good group project. If you have read this and want to work on a problem email: . Also more math can be found in the math_hunches section of Constructor’s Corner.