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When I think of what shape the Universe is, I look around of our part of the Universe here on Earth. Everything is a combination of simple shapes. The planet is round; its orbit around the Sun is an ellipse; and all the other planets are spheres.

So it seems that everything has structure. But we all know that there is a complexity behind everything. There are so many things to learn and things we can’t begin to comprehend. So could we describe something as immense as the Universe to be a simple shape?

That is where we see our comprehension is limited no matter what we believe. When you think of the Creation of the Universe you cannot help but think of God. When I think of God creating the Universe, I expect it to be spectacular. I think of a design based on structure; to be comprehended by us. But just maybe God created infinite shapes that he could not pick one single one for the Universe.

That is where my theory on the shape of our Universe originates. Think about the ellipse I drew. It was composed of lines, and triangles, and more complex shapes. Now think that you are in a point of space that lies withing a Universe that is elliptical. You could travel around the curves or the lines of the different shapes to navigate. You could also take an undescribable, irregular path, but you would still exist on the ellipse.

Of course, this shape of the Universe would be less noticeable unless you were able to travel the distance of the entire ellipse (or Universe). So you the astronaut discovers the Universe just changed it shape to an astroid. What now? Planets and solar systems are now in different positions. But with the knowledge of how one shape forms another shape allows you to quickly map the Universe and see what changes were made. If an astroid can be described using an encompassing ellipse, we have symmetry and structure. In other words, we have a map to the Universe.

So what is the usefulness of knowing the new shape. Well now since the distance between certain points has changed so does the ability of your rocket ship to travel to them. It is similar to a warp in the fabric of space that makes travel faster; but in this case the entire Universe along with solar systems, gravity, and light has changed. Some points in space are now closer and some further.

But also a Universe that changes shape would explain why everything is in motion. It would also change the approach to studying distant space flights.

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Ok, so I know this theory is “out there”. But remember it is just an idea and is meant for a fun thinking exercise. I have no scientific evidence to back it up; but perhaps it can be proven mathematically. Of course while I tried to be original, I am highly influenced by science fiction. Especially Gene Roddenberry’s “Andromeda”. That is where they travel a “slip stream” of the Universe; much like the ability to travel great distances by forcing a change in shape of the Universe.