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Almanac of Ideas
idea from my friend Herb

A little way to stay creative that we should all do is keep a journal of your creative ideas. Things that you sketch and things that you want to build are keep there. Your record stories, daily activities, or progress on your little invention. Ideally you should have a log of all your ideas and creations so that it can be proved that you designed it and someone else can look back at your work and learn from it.

Well what if you are trying to organize your ideas but they don’t seem to fit together. A method that will help you organize your ideas is to spend 15 minutes to an hour each day and write, draw, design, or any other creative venture you enjoy. Take time and don’t worry about finishing the project yet. Well now you take that piece of paper of computer file and you store them all together. Place a date on them. And after some time you will we see a difference. You won’t believe how many creative thoughts and ideas you had. They are now in a place where they won’t be lost or forgotten.

Now is time to organize you ideas. Take a piece of paper and write down the most interesting ideas. Look at your works. You now have an almanac of ideas. All the work was done over time which made the work easier to finish. You now have some creative works. That project that you didn’t think you could finish is know complete and all your ideas and works can know be organized. Maybe know you have enough ideas for that website that you wanted to make, book that you wanted to write, or portfolio you wanted to make!


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