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A circle is really made up of many isosceles triangles. The are used every time that you solve a length on the unit circle. And it may be of use in the future to see how these isosceles triangle relate to the unit circle and also how the height and width of the arc segments compare to the radius.

This should be explored further. And that is what the message board is for. We will solve some problems together. But first here is a simple drawing tool design I drew. It is very simple. It consists of three movable scales and a protractor. For know it can be printed on clear plastic and then pin the scales together. I want to design it with the pin removable so that the scales can be changed and also have a knotch for a pencil to mark the radius.

Here are the tools printable versions: If the file fails to download just right click on the mouse and select save target as:

Click Here for Flash Document Click Here for GIF Click Here for AutoCad DXF

Instructions are below:

1. Print of thick paper or on clear plastic and cut out. Be sure to cut out the center of the protractor. Basically just cut along the lines.
2. Line up the right edge of the scale (the side that is marked) with with the green vertical line
3. Line up the red horizontal line of the scale to the red horizontal line of the protractor.
4. Pin in place and you are ready to construct circular arcs using the three radiuses (scales).

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